Little Cedar Cemetery

Cemetery News

The website, Find A Grave,  is being used to preserve information from the Little Cedar Cemetery. Findagrave is a free website that currently has over 103 million grave records. On this site, people may create a memorial page for an individual, post pictures, biographies, plot numbers, flowers, links to family members, GPS coordinates and other pertinent information.

I am currently looking for obituaries/biographies of any person who is buried in the Little Cedar Cemetery to add to the Findagrave site, especially the older members. If you want to check the site to see if there is already an obituary/biography posted, you may do that before submitting one to me. I would prefer the obituaries/biographies through email jstephenson04@gmail.combut a printed copy would be good, too. You can leave it with Kathy in the office.

There is also a Little Cedar Cemetery website that I have created: Little Cedar Cemetery. This site includes a little background on the church and cemetery, a church timeline, cemetery map and directory, and some miscellaneous records that are still a work in progress. There is also a contact form on the site, if anyone needs to contact me.

Thanks for your help!   Janet Stephenson, Little Cedar Cemetery Secretary


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