Marshall Church History

1856: The Rev. C.L. Clausen officiated at a service in June held in the home of one of the early settlers. Pastor A.C. Preus of Koshkonong, Wisconsin, held the second service in what is now known as Clayton Township After a period of time, a group of settlers contracted the Rev. H.A. Preus, the president of the Norwegian Synod, asking that he send a pastor to them.

1876: The Rev. E. Wulfsberg of Albert Lea came in October, and the Marshall Lutheran Congregation was organized with seven families.

1877: It is believed Bessie Njos and Ingebord Kvale were the first children baptized by Rev. Wulfsberg. Olaus K. Kerkevold and Knud Snortum were buried in Marshall Cemetery.

1878: The Rev. M. Langeland from Cresco, Iowa, was the pastor. The membership was then 17 families.

1883: Rev. Johann Ylvisaker was called as temporary pastor.

1888: L.P. Jensen and H.J. Strand served.

1888: In the early part of 1888, a group of pioneer women met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ole K. Hegge. They, with the help of Rev. L.P. Jensen, formed an organization known as Kvinda Forening or Ladies Aid. Because there was no church building, services were held in a school house northeast of where the church now stands.

1888: The Articles of Incorporation and the present by-laws were adopted on May 10th.

1888: The Articles of Incorporation were notarized on May 25th.

1890: Pastor Jensen laid the cornerstone for the congregation’s first building on May 17th.

1895: Pastor O. Olterson was installed on October 27th.

1901: The church was completed and dedicated by T.A. Torgerson on August 11th.

1907: Pastor Thomas Nilsson

1908: Rev. Lauritz Larson was installed on July 5th.

1912: A dedication service was held for the new altar, rooms at the back of the church and the beautiful “Christ in Gethsemane” stained glass window on September 1st.

1913: Rev. K. Figenbaum was installed on March 31st.

1914: Rev. H.M Norman was installed on October 14th.

1919: Marshall and Little Cedar formed a common parish.

1928: Rev. Alfred Breivik was installed on May 27th and remained for almost 19 years. During this ministry the transition fro Norwegian to English was made.

1946: Sunday school was started. Anna Johnson was the superintendent. Some of the first teachers included Marion and Esther Hardecopf and Mary Jane Finbraaten. For a few years there was an adult class with Agnes Kellogg as leader and Henry Himebaugh as substitute.

1947: Rev. Luther Berven was installed on May 4th and served as pastor until June 11, 1950.

1950: Mr. Arvid Bidne served as interim pastor until November 5, 1950.

1950: Rev. M.L. Witte served as pastor. During his tenure the colored side windows were installed, a new well was drilled, and rest rooms were installed.

1958: Pastor Truman Mohn served as pastor

1963: Rev. Wayne Quibell, who had interned at Little Cedar and Marshall, became our pastor.

1970: Flagpole was given as a memorial

1974: Church was redecorated

1975: New organ purchased

1976: Celebrated centennial

1977: Pastor Allen Gunderson becomes pastor

1979: Pastor Nancy Wigdahl becomes associate pastor and weekday teacher

1982: Church basement was insulated and paneled and a new stairway was added

1988: Addition was added to the cemetery with a new fence

1988: Pastor Donna Joseph becomes associate pastor

1990: New ceiling lights were installed in the church and a large cross was added on the front of the church

1995: A tornado hit the Adams area in July and did major damage to Marshall Church. The roof was reshingled, the interior repainted, the metal ceiling replaced and new carpet was installed. At that time, two more ceiling lights were installed.

2000: Pastor Richard Kastner becomes our Interim Pastor.  He was here until 2002.

2002: Pastor Shari Mason becomes pastor.

2010: Pastor Leslie Neist becomes pastor

2011: Pastor Marggi Pleiss-Sippola becomes our Interim Pastor

2012: Pastor Susan Rector-Li becomes our Interim Pastor

2012: Pastor Natacha Kemp becomes our Interim Pastor

2013: Pastor Jeremy Johnson becomes pastor

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