Confirmation News

We will have Virtual class on January 6th and planned to return to in-person class on January 13th. 

6th Grade meets at 5pm

7th & 8th Grade meets at 6pm 

*No meal

Worship Notes for 6th, 7th and 8th Grade when watching the videos posted online:

1. Name:

2. Date of Worship Service:

3. How many locations were in the video? (ex: Little Cedar, Marshall, elsewhere)?

4. What type of device did you use to watch the video?

5. What reading did you relate to the most?

6. What struggles or joys did you hear in the sermon?

7. What can you learn from the sermon in your own life?

8. Did you notice anything out of the ordinary, silly, funny etc. in the video?

9. As a community in Christ, we support each other. What or who can we pray for this week?

Updated Points Sheet
Little Cedar 6th Grade
Little Cedar 7th and 8th Grade
Marshall 6th Grade
Marshall 7th and 8th Grade

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